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What is the KWisdom Holdings Group?

In 2019, Keith Wisdom created the KWisdom Holdings Group following the sale of his previous successful business. Following the sale, Keith has formed a new group of companies with many of the same faces and experience, already known within the construction industry, that are able to help with the entire construction process, from initial concept of design right through to the development and construction. The companies roster even includes the ability to provide post-construction maintenance in large residential complexes where required, and the option of highly qualified inspectors to both witness and oversee the installation of services at a development. The KWisdom Holdings Group encompasses all of these companies and funnels them neatly into one package, ensuring that all needs within the construction industry are met with both ease and delicacy for the purpose of keeping clients happy and content.

What does the KWisdom Holdings Group do?

The KWisdom Holdings Group is responsible for overseeing the individual companies housed within it. These companies consist of Walker Mower - a MEPH design consultancy established in 1975, who provide detailed designs for both residential and commercial jobs up and down the country. KWisdom Developments, formally known as Whitecode Developments, who provide expertly qualified engineers and inspectors to large developments to oversee the progress of the installation of services, and provide support to site managers where required. Vitech Services who are a well established service and maintenance company who have been maintaining residential electrical and mechanical issues since 2007. The company is now branching out further into the construction industry, now offering its services to sites up and down the country to assist with on-site remedial works and more. And KWisdom Consulting, a small consultancy business personally overseen and managed by Keith Wisdom, who offer comprehensive advise and knowledge for various aspects of the building industry, including high-risk areas such as fire prevention and protection.

Where did the name KWisdom come from?

The name KWisdom Holdings comes from the owner and founder of the group, Keith Wisdom. Keith has over 50 years experience in the building services and construction industries as a whole, having owned and worked at his previous business venture, Whitecode Design, for over 25 years. Keith is well known within the industry and his knowledge is unrivalled. He has worked with hundreds of clients from up and down the country on many different aspects of the building trade. He is also responsible for the creation and manufacturing of several items of equipment which are used every single day in jobs all around the world. We are very pleased to have him on board and are proud to be working under his name within the KWisdom Holdings Group.

How large is the KWisdom Holdings Group?

The group consists of three individual companies in total, each containing between 5 and 20 staff. In total, across the group, there are just under 30 members of staff.

How can I hire services from the KWisdom Holdings Group?

The group itself doesn't offer services to the public, serving rather as an umbrella company for the subsidiary companies beneath it. Hiring the services of those companies is extremely simple, and just requires you to send an email to each companies' individual front of house email address, or just give them a call. Of course, if you're not sure who would be right to assist you with your problem or development, you can always contact the group directly and our friendly and helpful admin staff will direct your call accordingly. All the contact details for the companies can be found on the Contact Us page.

What will the KWisdom Holdings Group look like in 5 years' time?

KWisdom Holdings is still in its infancy at the moment. It has been less than a year since the group's creation - and as we can all agree, it hasn't been the best year! Presently, the companies within the group are all very well established within the industry and work with many well known clients. In five years time, it is hoped that a lot of things will have happened. As Walker Mower continues to grow, it is hoped that the company will employ a number of new staff as they embark on even larger and greater developments. The company already has a number of clients lined up with large developments in the pipeline which will benefit the company immensely. This, in turn, would greatly impact the works of KWisdom Developments. With these large projects on the cards for the WMP team to design, it is hoped that these clients will hire the services of KWisdom Developments for inspection and project management purposes. In addition to this, with the amalgamation with Vitech Services, the company is now able to broaden its services which it can offer, to now include full construction and building services packages, including large legacy works and large comprehensive developments which require a lot of site work to be carried out. It is hoped that Developments will see a lot more growth over the coming five years to one day become a well known and highly established building services maintenance company. As for KWisdom Consulting, with the company headed by Keith himself, it is hoped that the influence to the industry which he brings will cater for a lot of new business across the board.
All in all, things look very hopeful for the KWisdom Holdings group of companies with a very positive outlook on the following five years and beyond!

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